Known for its beautiful landscape and rangy desert terrain, Phoenix is one of the most popular cities for outdoor exploration. Whether you enjoy strenuous hikes to get the blood flowing or relaxing strolls on the trails, Phoenix quenches even the strongest thirst for adventure. While Phoenix is home to a myriad of forests, parks, and mountains to entertain your inner wild child, the Grand Canyon is by far the city’s most sought-after outdoor travel destination.

Phoenix attracts visitors from around the world due to its warm climate and lavish resorts, but the Grand Canyon’s popularity is unmatched. Over five million tourists per year come from around the world to marvel at the canyon’s immense proportions, intricate topography, and colorful landscape. Providing breathtaking views of the Colorado River, the North and South Rim, and the Kaibab Plateau, it’s easy to see why the Grand Canyon is immortalized in history as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world.

Due to the high demand for tours, it’s considerably difficult for large groups of tourists to make the commute from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon, which lies approximately 220 miles north of the city. Phoenix Charter Bus Company has finally solved that problem.

Charter buses are the most efficient form of transportation between downtown Phoenix and the Grand Canyon. Rather than renting dozens of cars, leasing a ton of shuttles, or booking costly flights to Flagstaff, make things simple and get the most bang for your buck with Phoenix Charter Bus Company.


Because Grand Canyon tours are in high demand year round, we make it our duty to keep a constant supply of charter buses that vary greatly in size. Whether you’re looking for smaller, more intimate tours or larger, more communal experiences, Phoenix Charter Bus Company is dedicated to supplying the style of charter bus that matches your needs.

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