Charter Bus Prices in Phoenix

Beautifully sparse desert landscapes, a vibrant culture that draws from U.S., Mexican, and Native American traditions, and delicious Southwestern cuisine make Phoenix a great place for corporate conferences, weddings, sports tournaments, and other gatherings. And if you’re lucky enough to be off to Phoenix with a large group, you’re probably working on the budget for your bus rental. That’s where Phoenix Charter Bus Company comes in.

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Although we won’t be able to tell you exactly how much a charter bus will cost until you call for a personalized quote, we can help you figure out which factors will impact your price. The major details that affect charter bus prices are:

  • How many hours or days you need the bus for
  • The time of year you’re traveling
  • Which city you’re picked up and dropped off in
  • The amenities you need

You may also have to account for additional costs, like toll roads, parking permits, a room for your driver if you’re taking an overnight trip, and a tip. Drivers are required to have 8 hours of sleep for every 10 hours they drive, and though tips are not mandatory, we encourage you to give a 10% cash tip to your driver at the end of the trip.

With all those costs to account for, it makes sense to want a rough estimate of how much the bus may be before you get a quote. So to help you start planning, here’s how much a bus typically costs per hour, day, or mile in Phoenix:

Bus type

Per hour

Per day

Per mile

Charter bus








*The prices listed above are only estimates and are not accurate representations of how much your charter bus will cost. The actual cost of your Phoenix charter bus will be determined by the factors listed above.

**Every trip must book a minimum of 5 hours and multi-day trips may include additional costs for long-distance mileage. 

Check out the following examples to see how much different types of trips might cost in and around Phoenix. All of these are only estimates, but hopefully they’ll help you start your planning. And when you’re ready for a personalized quote, call us at 480-445-9823 so our 24/7 representatives can give you an exact cost for your trip.

Example 1: Corporate Conference 

Steve works for a marketing firm in Mesa and is in charge of arranging their transportation to a major three-day conference in Phoenix. His firm will be sending 22 representatives, so they can fit into a single minibus. They’re requesting a high-end shuttle with free WiFi and reclining seats, and their daily rate will be $1,260. They will need a room for their driver, and they’ll have to pay for parking at their hotel. Therefore, their costs will be:

Minibus for 3 days: $3,780                        

2 nights of accommodation for driver: $510   

Parking: $80     

Tip: $378                                                   

Total: $4,748

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Example 2: One-Day Wedding

Tony and Pepper are getting married in Phoenix and want to rent a bus to take their guests to the ceremony, the reception, and the hotel. They’ll have 100 people attending the wedding, so they’ll need two full-sized charter buses. Since they’re renting the buses for one day, they’ll be charged $149 per hour, per bus for 6 hours. They’re going to tip 20%, so their total will be:

2 full-size buses for 6 hours: $1,788

Tip: $179                                                               

Total: $1,967

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Example 3: Dance Competition

Natasha is taking her dance team from Tempe to a competition in Phoenix. Since there are several levels in the competition, 48 dancers of various ages will be attending, accompanied by 3 parent chaperones and Natasha. They’ll need 1 charter bus for 2 days at a rate of $1,400 per day, and they will have to pay for parking at the hotel. The 48 dancers’ families will be splitting the cost between them. Thus, their total comes out to:

Charter bus for 2 days: $2,800                                    

1 night of accommodation for driver: $255

Parking: $40     

Tip: $280                                       

Total: $3,375

Total cost per dancer: $70.32                        

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What You Need to Know About Charter Bus Quotes

Once you have a rough idea of how much your trip will cost, you’re ready to call for a personalized quote. Quotes are always free, but if you decide to accept yours, you’ll need to pay a deposit in order to hold your reservation. Full payment is usually due 30 days before the trip.

If you book less than 30 days in advance, you might have to pay for the entire trip when you make your reservation. Your reservation specialist will tell you when your deposit and full payment are due.

Keep in mind that any changes to your itinerary may affect your costs, and if you cancel your reservation less than a month before your trip, you may not receive a refund. If you cancel several months before, you could get part of your deposit back depending on the charter bus provider’s policies.

Plan Your Trip with Phoenix Charter Bus Company

Have more questions about charter bus rentals? Ready to book? Give Phoenix Charter Bus Company a call at 480-445-9823. We’d love to give you a personalized quote for your trip to Phoenix.