Whenever you book a bus rental in Phoenix with us, you’re also employing the expert services of a professional charter bus driver. Drivers endure thorough training in vehicle maintenance, operating an oversized vehicle, and transporting large groups of passengers—so you can trust them at the wheel for your entire journey. No matter if you need a charter bus for a sports team heading cross-country for a tournament or a bus rental service to Tucson to attend a special event, you can rely on your dedicated driver to transport everyone safely, together, and on time.

Your charter bus driver’s qualifications:

It’s no easy fete becoming a charter bus driver! To earn a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), aspiring drivers need to complete entry-level driver training and pass a three-part skill test: the Vehicle Inspection Test, the Basic Controls Test, and the Road Test. (This includes learning how to safely drive a full-size, 56-passenger motorcoach in Phoenix traffic.)

The drivers in our network of Phoenix bus rental providers earned their Commercial Drivers License with Passenger Endorsement, which means they’re allowed to drive a vehicle that carries more than 16 passengers. This endorsement requires an additional skill test to obtain.

Still, that’s not all. To maintain their license, drivers must also pass a routine physical exam, a vision test, a hearing test, and random drug and alcohol screenings.

What you can expect from your driver:

Loading & unloading luggage.

Your charter bus driver can assist with loading and unloading your motorcoach rental—within reason. They can help guide you and your group through the loading process to ensure the most efficient fit for all baggage and can assist with lifting and stowing away items as well. However, they may not be able to help with excessively heavy items such as bags weighing more than 50lbs or sporting equipment.

Inspecting your vehicle.

The most important part of your charter bus driver’s job is maintaining safety standards. Before every trip, your driver will inspect and review your vehicle for things like broken seat frames and fuel tank leaks. If you’re renting an ADA-compliant accessible vehicle, your charter bus driver will also inspect passenger lifts.

Additional skills and services, upon request.

Thanks to our network of Phoenix charter bus providers, we can commonly connect you with drivers who have special skills and experience you might need. For example, if you’re managing military transportation, you may need a driver with a security clearance for transportation to or from Luke Air Force Base.

Or, if you’re arranging a pick-up service at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport from out of town, then you may need a professional meet-and-greet inside the airport to guide your group to your motorcoach rental. Our ability to help provide special skills and services is dependent upon the providers in our network, however, be sure to make any requests upfront when you call to book your bus.

How to support your charter bus driver while on the road:

Operating a charter bus in Phoenix is a large and important job. From ensuring the safety of everyone on board to navigating traffic and staying on schedule, your charter bus driver is crucial to the success of your trip. As a passenger, there’s a lot you can do to support your driver:

Respect rest periods.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) mandates drivers have eight hours off duty for every 10 hours spent driving (or 15 hours on the clock). If you’re planning a multi-day journey or a long-distance day trip, you’ll need to accommodate your driver’s rest period and factor that time into your itinerary.

Clean up after yourself.

Before you step off your bus rental for good, make sure you bring everything you came with. This includes food wrappers and small items like pens and hair ties, and it’s recommended to bring paper towels or a microfiber cloth in case of any spills.

Offer food or drinks.

It’s not mandatory to provide any meals for your driver, but it’s a kind gesture to offer snacks, water, or breakfast/lunch during your travels.

Provide a tip.

In general, a 5% to 10% cash tip at the end of the trip for a job well done is appreciated. If you want to include gratuity in your bus rental quote, tell your reservation representative when you call to book and we’ll make sure your bus driver receives their tip after the trip is complete.

Traveling with Phoenix Charter Bus Company

Whether you need to book a charter bus to Scottsdale for a golf trip with colleagues or you need a field trip bus rental for an educational day at the Desert Botanical Garden, rest assured you’re in good hands with a professional driver at the wheel. If you have any questions or concerns or are ready to book your charter bus in Phoenix, then give us a call at 480-445-9823 anytime, 24/7, to discuss your trip details and charter bus options.